Se mig bara för den jag är - Magnus Carlsson
Date: 4 June

Se mig bara för den jag är - Magnus Carlsson

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Magnus Carlsson's solo tour "Se mig bara för den jag är" was such a success during the fall of 2023 that it continues with an additional eighteen tour stops during the spring of 2024.

Price information

Tickets: 495 SEK + service fee 20 SEK
Admission from 6:30 PM for all concerts. Maximum one companion per accessible ticket.


During the concert, Magnus shares tour memories and glimpses behind the scenes from his 30-year-long career. In addition to this, he also shares, in various ways, aspects of himself that many may not know about; for example, that he is trained in both classical singing and piano at music college.

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Date Time Arena/Location
Tuesday 4 June 19:30 - 21:00 S.t Nicolai chuch