Re:Store Trelleborg- flea market
Date: 27 April

Re:Store Trelleborg- flea market

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During spring 2024, we will be experimenting with a car trunk flea market, setting up sales spots next to vehicles in the parking lot in front of Söderslättsgymnasiet!


Last year, we were at Stortorget. In spring 2024, we are testing a car trunk flea market with sales spots adjacent to the vehicle, in the parking lot in front of Söderslättsgymnasiet! Super convenient, we think. Those selling won't have to drive back and forth with their items. There's plenty of space available, and you don't need to register in advance for the event on April 27th. We'll be on-site starting from 07:00 and will assign your spots upon arrival. Enter the area from Olivia Nordgrens gata.

Please note that entry closes at 08:30. Consideration: If you want to stand next to someone, arrive at the same time and have your cars directly next to each other. The event is free of charge.

Organizer: Mitt[i]City with City Collaboration and Visit Trelleborg.
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Saturday 27 April 09:00 - 13:00 Söderslättsgymnasiet