Poetry Walk in Trelleborg
Date: 22 July - 31 August

Poetry Walk in Trelleborg

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Walk in Trelleborg, read poetry and be inspired by youth's thoughts for a sustainable future!

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Go on a voyage of discovery on the city streets, read poetry and be inspired by youth's thoughts for a sustainable future.

Seventeen poems created by youths from three different European countries are displayed in seventeen different shop windows in central Trelleborg during the summer. The poems (which are written in English) are part of an eTwinning project partnership between students at Söderslättsgymnasiet in Trelleborg, students in Serbia and students in Italy. The theme of the year is climate hope.

The poetry walk is arranged by the culture association Sustainable Poetry in collaboration with Trelleborgs Citysamverkan and local associations, Trelleborgs bibliotek and Trelleborgs museum.

Together we raise the voices of our children and youths for a sustainable future!

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